July 17th Folegandros-Milos Island, Greece

by - July 20, 2019

Bart made us cheese toasties for breakfast.  Then we took the four-wheelers back to the northern part of the island.  The beach was much to windy to enjoy so we left and went to Agkali Beach.  We had some coffee and then Bart and Jerry went snorkeling.  We returned the four-wheelers, showered and checked out at noon.  They let us put our luggage at a nearby restaurant until our ferry left.  We had lunch and drinks at DAL CAPO Del Porto and then some more drinks at Akrogiali.  The ferry ride to Milos was only an hour, but it was a rough ride.  It was super windy and it was making many people seasick, including Bart and Jerry.  The swells were huge.  We checked into our Airbnb and then went to dinner at O! Hamos! Tavern.  We arrived around 6:30 PM and there was a long line.  We were so glad we stayed because it was all of our favorite eating experiences in Greece.  We had an appetizer of baked peppers with local cheese.  It was served in a clay pot.  Bart ordered the goat, Jerry ordered the lamb, and I ordered the piglet.  They were all delicious.  The meal came with a dessert of mastic from the mastic tree and was in the form of a chewy paste covered with water.  You eat the paste with a spoon and then drink the sweet water.  They also gave us a sweet wine that resembled a light port.  The atmosphere was awesome and resembled a secret garden.  It felt like the most authentic Greek eating experience you could have.  

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