July 20th Athens, Greece-22nd Tirana, Albania

by - July 24, 2019

We woke up and headed out to breakfast.  Then we came back to the Airbnb and Jerry packed up.  He left for the airport around 11:30 AM.  We enjoyed Jerry’s company and are so happy he visited!  We also really loved Greece!  The food was so good and the people were so nice.  Each island had its positives too.  Bart and I went to Moopies for lunch and then relaxed at the Airbnb until 6 PM.  We shared a platter of Turkish dips and stuffed grape leaves before getting into our 8 PM bus to Tirana, Albania.  It was a 10 hour overnight bus.  It was pretty uncomfortable for us.  We arrived at 6 AM and had to wait until 11 AM to check into our Airbnb.  We had coffee at one cafe and then moved to another for breakfast. Eventually we met up with the Airbnb host, checked in, and relaxed until dinner.  We went to MullI his for dinner.  We had something like a 10 course meal for $20 each.  The food was not good, but it was a good atmosphere.  The $2 huge glasses of red wine helped!  On the 22nd Bart made us breakfast and then we walked to a local market.  It was a really nice market with locals selling fresh produce, olives, honey, homemade liquor, supplies to make your own cigarettes(everyone smokes here), and trinkets.  We walked around the city and ran some errands.  Bart made us a nice pasta dish for dinner.

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