July 14th Santorini Island, Greece

by - July 20, 2019

The ATV rental company picked us up at the Airbnb at 9:30 AM.  They were 30 minutes late and we were sure it was Maria’s fault since she booked them for us.  This is the first time Bart and I have had to use our international driver licenses.  We first drove to southwest side of the island.  We went to the Red Beach, Kambi Beach, and to the Akrotiri Lighthouse.  Then we had some lunch at a restaurant on our way to the northern part of the island.  We stopped to buy breakfast food and dropped it off at the Airbnb.  Then we stopped in the town of Thera to walk around and then went to Oia.  We walked around the town for a long time and then had a drink on a rooftop bar.  The town exceeded our expectations.  It was beautiful and very picturesque.  We decided to go back to Thera for dinner and the sunset because Oia was so expensive.  The view was stunning from the rooftop bar.  We headed back to the Airbnb.  I headed to bed and Jerry and Bart enjoyed a few cocktails on the patio.

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