July 10th Colombia

by - July 11, 2018

After breakfast we left to catch a jeep to Valle de Corcora.  Valle de Corcora is a 5-6 hour hike that takes you to see the famous wax palms, which are the tallest palm trees in the world.  Dino, a guy from Austria that we met at the hostal did the hike with us.  After the 25 minute jeep ride, we walked up the road to the beginning of the hike.  We immediately realized we were unprepared.  It started raining and none of us had rain coats.  The first lag of the hike was wet, cold, and slow moving.  It was muddy and we got stuck behind some slow folks.  We went over about 5 rickety bridges.  We finally passed the group when they stopped to take a different turn to see the hummingbirds.  We met three guys from Israel who shared their coffee with us at Finca La Montana, which is the highest point of the hike.  We welcomed the gesture as we were so cold.  

We were happy we did the loop counterclockwise because once we arrived at the wax palms, the sun came out.  Some do it clockwise because it is easier and you get to the wax palms first.  We ended up finishing the hike in 3 hours and had time to get back for the soccer game.  The World Cup is so popular, we couldn't help but watch it.  We went back to Brunch Cafe to get the lasagna again.  We never would have guessed we would have the best lasagna we've ever had in Colombia.  

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