July 17th Ecuador

by - July 19, 2018

We headed to the bus terminal after breakfast around 9 AM.  We took a bus from Otavalo to Quito, which took about 3 hours.  Then we took a taxi to our hostel, which took another 45 minutes.  We settled in and then went to the market.  It was less impressive than we expected, but we mustered up the courage to eat the food.  We couldn't bring ourselves to eat some of the more different types of food so we found one that sold pork.  It's hard to get a true local experience without eating where the locals eat.  We did some research at the hostal for a couple hours.  We went down to gringoland, which is the Mariscal neighborhood, and ate some Indian food and to treat ourselves to a couple of gin martinis before we head out to do some more hikes.

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