July 20th Ecuador

by - July 25, 2018

We invited Marty, the really tall and much older man from Australia to breakfast with us.  The chairs and tables at this local breakfast spot were oddly small and we had a good laugh with Marty over as he tried to sit down.  Once we got back to Hostel Revolution we said farewell to him and then left to catch a bus from Quito to Latacunga.  It took around 2 hours to get there.  We checked into Hostel Tiana and headed down into the dungeon where our dorm room was.  We chose this hostel only because they hold your baggage for a small daily fee while you hike the Quilotoa loop.  The room was cold, but they had about a foot of blankets on each bed to make it bearable.  We had lunch at Guadalajara Grill, which was supposed to be the only Mexican restaurant in town.  Instead of Mexican, we received another Ecuadorian menu del dia.  It was much tastier than some of the previous Ecuadorian places we have been.  After lunch we walked around town.  It's a rather busy town with tons of shopping.  We were in search of a couple of fleeces for an extra layer for the upcoming hike.  No luck.  We went to Pizzeria Buono Grill for dinner and were very pleased with the food and wine.  Bart ate a pizza and I had the spaghetti.  Early night to bed for the early rise the next morning.

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