July 5th Colombia

by - July 06, 2018

We decided to take another day trip from Cartagena.  We signed up to go to Playa Blanca.  The cheapest way to get there is by bus, although most take a boat.  We stopped at a street vendor and bought papas rellenos for breakfast.  I am obsessed with these fried meat and potato balls.  Yum!  

Then we met at the tour office and packed on a bus with all the other tourists.  Get ready for the field trip.  The bus ride was about two hours long and we even got stopped once by some guards and had to get off the bus so they could search our bags.  When we got there, they corralled us down the long dirt path to the beach.  The beach was absolutely beautiful, but was covered with tourists and locals selling all sorts of stuff.  We locked up our belonging and spent the day swimming in the perfect water.  Lunch and happy hour was included.  We were the two that would get their drink and then get back in line.  We tried so hard, but were unable to even catch a buzz.  We loaded back up on the bus at 3 and headed back to Cartagena.  

We cleaned up and then went back to Plaza de la Trinidad to drink some beers and try some more street food.  We have been eyeing  up this pile of food people keep walking around with and are determined to give it a go.  Of course we would be sharing it as it is huge!  It was a pile of patacones, cheese, sauces, sausage, shredded beef, and lots of other stuff.  

We met two guys named Christian and Chris and they were both very interesting.  One was the driver and the other the tour guide for a 75 day trip through multiple countries in South America.  These types of trips are called over landing.  Backpackers pay to get on and off at different meeting points and these guys drive them from one place to another providing food and camping gear.  We got some good tips for Patagonia from both of them.  Chris lived there for 5 years.  He also did guided tours to see black panthers through the Congo.  They both had so many stories to share about their life experiences.  The plaza was much busier than two nights ago.  It is one of our favorite parts of Cartagena.  In two days we will be back on that long bus ride heading to Medellin and directly onto Salento.  Travel days are becoming a dreaded thing, especially when they involve 19 hours on a bus.

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