July 11th Colombia

by - July 11, 2018

We debated going horseback riding, but we were so happy we decided to do it.  I was picturing the normal leisure ride you get from this type of tourist trap.  This was not that!  The farmer showed up outside of the hostal with three horses and a dog.  We hopped on and within 5 minutes we were heading down a steep, rocky, and muddy slope towards the waterfall.  It was scary and exciting the entire time.  We were either going straight up or straight down the entire time.  We saw about 20 types of butterflies, many dogs, a couple cows, and some fruit trees.  We came to a road jam when two farmers on horses, along with their donkey, were coming from the opposite direction.  We even crossed a river to get to the waterfall.  We parked our horses and took a short hike.  The waterfall was beautiful and of course there were more rickety bridges.  I named my horse Machismo because he was aggressively taking the lead and would not let Bart's horse pass. Bart named his horse Brad.  We were very impressed with the ride.  We ended the day with dinner and a couple games of tejo.  The point of the game is to hit the triangles filled with gun powder with your metal tejo.  First to 21 wins.

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  1. I think we played tejo at the same place!!

  2. Quibo Lindsay and Bart, such a great blog! I've been really enjoying your journey which is giving me a serious case of wanderlust. I loved Colombia's coffee country, we have some crazy memories in those Willys! And I agree with Mark, we probably played tejo at the same place... I vaguely recall some fireworks but those could have been Mark's frijoles speaking.