June 30th-July 2nd Colombia

by - July 03, 2018

We took a couple days off from being a tourist in Medellin.  We ran errands, worked out, and relaxed.  I got a $3 pedicure.  It was an awkward experience, but worth it for the price.  Around 5:30 PM we took the metro to the bus station and boarded what would turn into an 18 hour overnight bus ride to Cartagena.  The bus was really nice, but that was a long ride.  I slept a lot, but Bart isn't able to sleep as easily as I am in random places.  We dropped our bags off at Hostal Marlin and went out for lunch since we couldn't check in until 3 PM.  We ate local Colombian food at Vive.  I am getting tired of the same style of food already, which is unfortunate since it is so crazy cheap.  This entire meal costs less than $3 per person.  

Then we walked around the Getsemani neighborhood and landed ourselves at Cafe Del Mural.  This wasn't your typical coffee shop.  It's more like a coffee lab.  There were gadgets and beakers covering the counter.  The menu itself was confusing. 

We are enjoying the charm of Cartagena.  It is old, colorful, and has so much character.  We went to Novo Kebabs for dinner.

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