July 3rd Colombia

by - July 06, 2018

Another day in the lively Cartagena.  We had breakfast at Hostal Marlin and then packed up to move to an Airbnb.  I'm moving us around the city in order to find cheap private rooms.  We have been staying in the dorm rooms for too long and we need a break.  After breakfast we walked 40 minutes to the Mercado de Bazurto.  

It was an experience that should have been had wearing mud boots along with a nose plug.  It was the most disgusting market we have ever been to.  We cannot believe people actually eat food from this rancid cesspool.  We were the only gringos there and one old man gave a big shout out to us.  He yelled "GRINGOS" and pointed and laughed.  We quickly scurried through the aisles, taking pictures as discreetly as possible.  

Part of the time walking back we were dodging motorbikes as well as oncoming human traffic.  Colombia’s roads and sidewalks have been better than Central America, but you still need to always be looking down.  You never know when there will be a 10 ft hole in the sidewalk.

Then we stopped at Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, which is a fortress built by the Spanish during the colonial era.  We didn't pay the fee to go in, but grabbed some pictures as we went by.  

We had some local Colombian food at Espiritu Santo and then set out to walk the wall that surrounds the old city.  The Walls of Cartagena were built to defend the city from pirate attacks.

We watched the futbol game with the locals and were sad when they lost.  There is such excitement in the city and even the dogs are fans.  Everyone from the street cleaners to the polic stop working to watch their team play.  I have never seen more people wearing the color of their team in all my life.  

We drank beer and ate street food at the Plaza de la Trinidad.  This plaza is empty by day, but fills up with street vendors, locals, and tourists at night.  Everyone sits around and watches the local kids playing futbol.  I played catch with a border collie and we watched a group of people come through dancing and banging on drums.

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