July 19th Ecuador

by - July 19, 2018

Happy Birthday to my sister Ashely!!!!    We made this day an errand day.  We did laundry, went to the ATM, and then had breakfast at a local restaurant.  I'm very unimpressed by how the locals drink their coffee.  If you order coffee with milk they bring you a piping hot mug of milk with a side of strong coffee.  In this case it was already mixed together, but same taste.  Then we walked to a geography building to buy topographical maps for a hike we want to do down by Cuenca.  It was strangely occupied by the military and we had to use our passports to get visitor badges to enter.  After that we went to a grocery store to buy food for dinner, snacks for our hike, and some toiletries.  Then we dropped everything off at the hostel and walked to Old Town Quito.  The buildings were impressive and beautiful.  We had lunch at a local restaurant.  It is crazy cheap.  For $2.50 a person you get juice, soup, rice, meat, salad, and a side.  We relaxed in the city square for a while and then went back to our hostel.  We met an older man named Marty from Australia and we had a good laugh while he told us how he tried cocaine for the first time in Colombia.  The conversation started when I showed him the bag of cocoa leaves we bought for our hike.  Locals drink it as tea or chew on the leaves to give them energy and it will also help us with altitude sickness.  Marty's story is way cooler...  We made a nice salad for dinner and turned in after some snuck in bloody Mary's.

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