July 9th Colombia

by - July 11, 2018

It's our first whole day in Salento.  We took a walk down a local road to see where they took the horses the night before.  We found a short trail to a sewage plant, the cutest puppy in the world, and of course the horses.  

Then we went into town and walked up the mirador.  We had a fun dog follow us the whole way.  We named him Snaggletooth.  He played a little rough, but we enjoyed his company.

We were going to go to Finca El Ocaso to do their coffee tour in the afternoon.  It is a popular tour and suggested by the hostal.  I was talking to a girl named Samantha who said a couple of locals recommended a different tour.  She decided she would join us.  We walked for an hour down the dirt road, but we didn't mind a bit because the views were beautiful.  We walked past many coffee farms and found ourselves at a river...which meant we went too far.  

We finally arrived at Finca El Recuardo.  We were greeted by Carlos as we walked up the driveway.  Carlos is the owner of the farm and our tour guide.  We enjoyed the tour so much more than we would have if we went to a big coffee plantation.  His land was covered with such a great variety of flora.  He explained all the plants and fruit trees and the benefit it had on his small coffee farm.  He focuses on sustainability of the land and quality of the beans.  Wen enjoyed a cappuccino and bought some coffee beans at the end.  It was a great experience.  We grabbed a jeep ride back instead of walking.  

After dinner at Brunch Cafe we walked back up the mirador to see the sunset.

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