July 8th Colombia

by - July 10, 2018

We boarded the bus from Cartagena to Medellín at 4:30 PM the previous day.  We have decided to take a chance and book with Rapido Ocho instead of Brasilia to save money and time.  We heard and read really terrible things regarding Rapido Ocho.  It turns out it is really fast!  We made it there in 14 hours instead of 19 like the previous trip.  The air conditioning wasn’t as good, there was a bird in a box behind us, and the bathroom was covered in vomit...but all for the sake of the budget!  Once we arrived at the bus terminal we realized(after walking around the entire thing and trying to communicate with locals) that we were in the wrong terminal.  So we took a taxi to the bus terminal and got on the 8 AM just in time.  This trip was supposed to be 6 hrs to get to Salento, but turned into 9.  My ankles have never been so swollen.  Once we arrived in Salento we walked to Coffee Tree Boutique Hostal.  This place is perfect!  There are great views from every side of it!  I wish we could take this place with us everywhere we travel!  Oh, and did I mention the weather is perfect here?  Sunny and hot during the day and cold at night.

After a much needed hot shower we set out to get some real food.  Salento is a beautiful mountain town known for its coffee.  The locals of Colombia use it as a getaway and I can see why.  We filled our stomachs with patacón pisao, Poker beer, and passion fruit juice.  We cannot get enough of the homeade juice in Colombia.  It’s a great way to try new fruits and stay hydrated.  The town square is a very lively place filled with mostly Colombians on vacation.  It is weird to be in a vacation town of another country.  

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