June 29th Colombia

by - June 30, 2018

We woke up early to do a day trip to Guatape.  Guatape is a common place where locals buy second homes for weekend getaways to get out of the busy city.  We first hiked the Stone of El Penol.  It was 740 steps up the overpriced tourist trap, but the view was nice.

Then we went into town and roamed the streets and took in the colors and the artwork on the side of the buildings called zocalos.  

Our lunch was pretty awful.  I had the worst burger of my life and Bart ate the worst nachos of his.  The dog at my feet was pretty happy about the situation though.  We went for another stroll around the city and then decided to go back to Medellin early.  We were happy we only did a day trip because we ran out of things to do.  We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and relaxed for the night.

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