June 1st Guatemala

by - June 04, 2018

At 4 AM the guides woke us up for the summit.  We heard the biggest eruption at 1 AM and I was so bummed I wasn't out there to see it.  We crawled out of our sleeping bags and tried to regain feeling in our bodies from sleeping on the hard ground.  There was no warning given about how intense this last 45 minutes of hiking would be.  It was the worst part of the the entire hike.  Pitch black skies, tired bodies, along with 2 feet of gravel up the steepest winding path ever.  It was pure torture.  When we made it to the top it was absolutely worth every second of pain!  The magnificent views!

We took the trek back down the steep path and it was more of a slide-run-slide than anything else.  I enjoyed the speed, but another gal went head over heals down the slope and ended up with a mouth full of dirt.  We had breakfast and hung out at base camp for about an hour.  The remaining hike down the slope took about 2 hours.  We took the bus back to Antigua and enjoyed a nice hot shower.  We treated ourselves to dinner at Angie Angie.  It was pizza with an Argentinian flare.  It was the best thing we have eaten in along time.

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