June 16th Panama

by - June 17, 2018

We woke up around 7 and ate the free breakfast of pancakes at the hostel with some of the others staying here.  We decided that we would hike Volcan Baru while in Boquete.  This meant we would be getting up at 11 PM in order to start hiking at midnight.  We decided to do an easy local hike so that we would not be too worn out for the volcano hike that night.  We went to the store and stocked up for both hikes and to make dinner at the hostel the next night.  It was a nice hike minus the walk on the busy 4 lane highway that takes you to the start.

The trail lead to a small village of farmers.  We at a pear/apple type of fruit from a tree and grabbed a couple limes for our Bloody Mary later.  We saw banana trees and pineapples growing along the road.

Then we went into town to get dinner.  We found a great happy hour at JF.  $2.50 Pina Coladas...um yes please.
 This is not a very cheap country for Central America.  It is nice being able to use US dollars again.   We ate dinner at El Sabroson.  It's cheap local food.  We watched a movie and took a nap before our wake up call for the volcano. 

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