June 8th Costa Rica

by - June 12, 2018

The owner of the hostel brought us, along with a couple other guys we had met back in Lake Atitlan to the airport at 5 AM.  As usual our flight was delayed, but not terribly.  The flight was only 2 hours, but we were hoping to catch the only 699 bus to Puerto Jimenez at 12.  We took a taxi instead of a city bus to the San Jose since we were on a tight time crunch.  With 15 minutes to spare we got on.  As we were driving away I saw a man shooting heroin next to the bus stop.  Another big dirty city.  It was supposed to be a 8 hour ride, but turned into a 10 hour trip.  This bus was more like a run down coach bus.  The scenery was beautiful as usual.  We went through mountains and wildlife preserves.  The roads were better maintained than Belize and Guatemala.  We ate at one of the stops along the way.  The gas stations often serve buffet style food.  We get sick of eating packaged food on travel days so we chanced it.  Big mistake.  Bart spent the 2nd half of the trip with his head in the garbage bucket.  Not fun for him.  Luckily our hostel was only a block from the bus stop.  We checked in and headed right to bed.  Cabinas The Corner is nice hostel, but feels a bit like a jail since you go through three sets of metal bars.  Safety first!

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