June 6-7th Guatemala

by - June 09, 2018

I have very little to report on this day.  I came down with a terrible flu(?) the night before and didn't get out of bed for about 40 hours.  Bart went back to San Pedro for the day.  He explored more of the town.  We watched the Golden State vs. Cavaliers game and Bart ate the communal dinner at the hostel.  

May 7th

We caught the earliest water taxi back to Panajachel that we could.  We were getting a bit stir crazy in that small town with nowhere to go in the afternoons when the water taxis stopped running.  Overall, we were not very impressed with Lake Atitlan.  We ate breakfast and then got onto our shuttle to Guatemala City.  

Due to the protests and road blocks in Nicaragua, the somewhat unsafeness of Honduras and El Salvador, along with a time crunch to get to Lima, Peru by August 15th we decided to skip those countries.  Also, we have both been to Costa Rica prior so we are also mostly skipping it.  The flight from Guatemala City to San Jose, Costa Rica was a lot cheaper than to Panama City.  Once we got to Guatemala City about 3 hours later we checked into Guatefriends Hostel.  The neighborhood was super sketchy.  We had to be buzzed into the hostel.  Trying to explain who we were in English to someone who only speaks Spanish over a speaker was humorous.  We went out for lunch and quickly realized this isn't the place to be bumming around.  We got some food at the first place we saw and of course got ripped off.  Then we bought some beer through some metal bars at a tienda and headed back to the hostel.  This confirmed we would order in Dominos for dinner.

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