June 28th Colombia

by - June 29, 2018

After breakfast we took the metro to meet Laureles, our guide through Communa 13.  We tried bunuelos and liked them very much.  They are dough balls fried with cheese mixed in.  It tasted like a savory donut.  So far we are loving the street food here.

Formerly Communa 13 was the most dangerous part of Medellin.  There is a lot of history and the people have been through a great amount of pain and loss.  Laureles did an amazing job as our guide.  It was our favorite part of Medellin so far.  She lived through the entire thing and was very proud of how far the community has come.   She even took us to her house.  The government built escalators through their community to help them the same way the cable cars help other areas.  We couldn't figure out what the guy was doing to his dog, but the dog was so mad about it

We had lunch at Don Brosty and then went to the public outdoor gym.  Then we had some amazing Italian good at Opera Ristaurante Italian.

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