June 9th Costa Rica

by - June 12, 2018

Puerto Jimenez is a coastal town with a population of 9,000.  We really like it here.  It is not touristy so we get a break from locals pushing to sell things to you.  It has everything you need, but nothing more.  We needed to get ready for our overnight trek into Corcovado National Park.  We went to the pharmacy and bought electrolytes because we are constantly battling dehydration.  The travel clinic at UW recommended we use bug spray with 100% DEET.  We tried to use it once, but it literally burned our skin.  When I unpacked my bag I realized it had leaked in my bag.  It melted our goggles, my sandals, the bottom of my bag and a few other things.  Hence we decided to buy less strong bug spray.  We stocked up water and snacks.  Then we went to the beach for some fishing and swimming. Bart caught one small fish.  It is nice to be on the Pacific side since we have only been on the Caribbean side so far on this trip.  The same dog has been hanging out with us all day.  We had lunch at Marisqueria Corcovado.  It was great food.  

At 6 we met up with Henry, the guide we hired for our trip.  He went over the need to knows of the trip.  We had dinner at Pizza Mail.it.  It was rated top 10 pizza in Costa Rica.  It was pretty amazing as well.  It is owned by a lady from Italy.  Her bf, who is an expat from the US chatted us up for a while.  

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