June 27th Colombia

by - June 29, 2018

So far we are enjoying Iris hostel.  It is small and quiet and a nice break from the usual backpacker's hostels we typically stay at.  The breakfast is included and is WAY better than the usual DIY pancakes.

 We signed up for the free walking tour of Communa 13 for the next day.  We took the very clean and efficient metro system to the cable cars that take you to Parque Arvi.    

We heard the park itself wasn't anything special so we just stayed on and did it for the view.  The city built these cable cars so that the locals who live on the hillsides of the city have access to everything.  In return creating economic equality throughout the regions.  It was an awesome way to see Medellin.  Then we went to Plaza Botera to see some of Fernando Botero Angulo's sculptures.  I think they thought I stole a camera because I was stopped and they checked the serial number of it and called someone else to verify.

The walk here was disturbing.  So many homeless looking people selling what we would call garbage.  Medellin in general is a very busy and hectic city.  It is loud and densely populated, but feels very safe compared to other cities of this size.  

After that we grabbed some lunch and then walked to the Memory House Museum.  This museum exhibits the violent history of the city.  Unfortunately for us it was almost all in Spanish so we didn't get the best experience.  
Then we took a taxi to a part of the city called El Poblado.  This is the main tourist area and is often called gringolandia.  We had some delicious Colombian cappuccinos at Pergamino Coffee.  Good Colombian coffee is hard to come by here since it is all exported.

We also went to Restaurante Mondongo's to try the famous local dish called bandejita paisa.  It was a fun food experience, but it tastes better at La Taguara in Madison, WI.  If you haven't been...you should go ;).  

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