June 19th Panama

by - June 23, 2018

We woke up early to make it to the bus stop at 5:30 in hopes of catching the noon bus to Santa Catalina.  The bus ride from Boquete to David took about an hour.  We were lucky to jump right on the next bus.  The ride from David to Santiago took about 4 hours.  Then we took a bus from Santiago to Sona.  The noon bus was running late so we had to wait there for quite a while.  Then the bus from Sona to Santa Catalina took about 1 1/2 hours.  When we arrived in Santa Catalina we couldn't believe how dead the surf town was.  We were starving from not eating all day and nothing was open in town so we walked to Oasis Surf Camp.  It was only about a mile, but seemed like forever with our heavy packs and the humidity.  We checked in and were not very happy with the service.  They had overbooked their dorms so we had to share a private room with two other people.  Then we had to move to the dorms the next day.  It is the best feeling to spread your stuff out and know you will not have to pack and move for a while.  We went to the restaurant at the resort, but they were not open until 5.  We decided to go swimming while we waited.  This place is known for its surfing and we could see why.  The waves were super fun to swim in and the beach was breathtaking(minus all the garbage).  

We ate dinner at the restaurant and had to change our order a couple times since they didn't have many of the items on the menu.  Tomatoes for example...  We are getting the feeling that this place is not ready for guests.  It has a very shut down for the season feel.

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