June 3rd Guatemala

by - June 07, 2018

Today we are leaving Antigua and heading to Lake Atitlan.  After breakfast and one last amazing cappuccino our bus picked us up at 9 AM.  As we were leaving we noticed sand coming down from the sky.  We closed the shuttle windows and chalked it up as normal volcanic activity.  Pretty soon the driver ran out of windshield washer fluid. He was out there wiping the window with a towel and locals were giving him water to clean it.  Eventually we realized this was not normal.  Fuego had erupted and we were seeing the effects of that.  We now know that 200 are missing and around 100 are dead so far.  It is so sad for everyone affected by this.  We are also so lucky to have not been involved by only 3 days.  We arrived in Panajachel a bit late due to the ashen covered Antigua.  We had some lunch at Deli Jasmin.

 Then took the water taxi to Santa Cruz where we will be staying the next four days.  We checked into La Iguana Perdida and instantly new we would not be loving this place. The dorm room smelled of sewage and the place was dirty in general. Great common areas and great views of the local volcanos.

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