June 23rd Panama

by - June 25, 2018

We had pancakes at the hostel and shared our maple syrup with a friendly lizard.  Then we took an Uber to a bike rental business.  We rode the Causeway which had great views the entire way.  

On the way back we stopped at the Bio Museo and did the free portion of the museum.  
The big to-do for us in Panama City is the fish market.  It met our expectations and then some.  We bought fresh shrimp, lobster, and tuna for dinner.  The electricity went out again at the hostel so we had to get ice from a local bar to keep it fresh until dinner.  

We had fresh fish and octopus ceviche at Restaurante Mirador Del Pacifico next to the market. It was so delicious and so cheap.

Then we did the worst thing ever.  We took on the Panama City mall.  It was insane.  Three levels of insane actually.  After many hours we found everything we needed.  It's very difficult to find the things you need with the budget we are on.  We made a seafood pasta for dinner and relaxed at the hostel.

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