June 20th Panama

by - June 23, 2018

We woke up and packed our bags back up and brought them to reception until they had our beds ready.  We walked into town to find some breakfast and to grab some groceries.  You have to cross a river to get into town so this is easy or hard depending on the tide.

We only found 2 places open and chose La Buena Vida. Then we bought some ramen and cereal for the next few days.  It is hard getting used to buying milk that isn't refrigerated.  We walked back to the hostel and went swimming again.  We explored the beach during low tide and tried to catch some bait for fishing.  We caught 1 fish, 1 crab, and a couple hermit crabs.  We must have looked ridiculous trying to catch those little fish.  
Then we got the fishing poles ready and tried fishing.  No luck.  We went across the river to Mama Ines for dinner.  There was a good storm and then a beautiful rainbow while we were there.  

Bart ordered the octopus and it was the best thing we have eaten on this trip so far!  I had the bolognese and was very happy with it as well.  We made a friend there as well.  

We drank some dark craft beer and margaritas.  Then we ordered martinis and confused the shit out of the bartender.  He had a shot glass full of olive juice, one with olives and a confused look on his face.  He looked so confused.  In the end he did a great job-they were huge!  After a couple of these were tanked and ended the night skinny dipping in the dark.

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