June 26th Panama/Colombia

by - June 27, 2018

We went to Coca Cola Cafe for breakfast.  I just couldn't do pancakes another day.  It wasn't great, but did the trick.  That pile is supposed to be an omelette.

We spent most of the day packing and preparing for Colombia.  We did lunch at El Dorado Brewery and then left for the airport at 3.  

I had to go back through and check my bag because I had my fishing reel in my bag. When I asked why they said I could go crazy and choke someone with the fishing line.  I also saw you could not bring playdo.  That's because it can be used to make bombs.  We arrived in Medellin, Colombia around 9 PM and had to wait a very long time to get onto a city bus.  After we checked in to Iris Hostel we went to a local street to get a midnight snack.  Apparently hot dogs are huge here.  The atmosphere is super fun with lots of music and dancing.

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