June 4th Guatemala

by - June 09, 2018

After breakfast at a local cafe we decided we would take the day to explore one of the other towns around the lake.  Many of these hikes between towns are dangerous due robberies from locals.  This one in particular is considered safer than most.  The hike took us around 3 hours and it had gorgeous views the entire way.  

The worst part was avoiding all the dog shit everywhere.  The hike took us through two small villages.  When we finally arrived in San Marcos we took some time to explore the town.  There is a very dirty yogi feel here.  There are many health food stores, vegetarian restaurants, and wellness type places.  

We saw quite a few saunas.  They are short dome shaped clay igloos with a small half moon door that you crawl into.  We visited a chocolate shop and tasted many different varieties.  

Although there are stray dogs everywhere we have been, this place has been the worst.  We have seen some of the most malnourished ones here as well.  It is a hard to describe this town.  Even though it is the off season, the place is extremely deserted.  Every place we walked into was empty. We have never been somewhere with so many flies either.  We had a chelada at Restaurant Fe and then went for a walk to find a place called Hotel Dragon where there is supposed to be a good bar.  It was completely empty.  We managed to find someone who worked there and ordered a couple pina coladas. To our surprise, they were the best we have ever had.  We enjoyed them on the deck and we also made a friend. 

After searching the internet for a place to eat lunch, Bart found Allala "the best Japanese food in town".  Oh boy, I cannot believe we actually ate here.  Dirt floors, dirty cloth lawn chairs, and flies everywhere.  They were selling used clothes in the corner.  Only 10 quetzales for any item of your choice.  The food was pretty awful.

We decided to take the boat taxi back to Santa Cruz.  We relaxed and made pbj sandwiches for dinner.

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