June 24th Panama

by - June 25, 2018

We went to Miraflores to go to the Panama Canal.  It was extremely incredible and boring at the same time.  We did learn a lot though.  We were happy to be there when a ship was going through the locks.  

We walked to a restaurant for lunch from there.  We ended up in an old US army base eating pizza with high schoolers.  The base was turned into some type of learning facility.
We stopped at the seafood market again to buy prawns for dinner.  We did a free walking tour that the hostel provided.  The first part was interesting.  It took us down a very busy street filled with locals.  

Then it took us to a walkway overpass that was the most disgusting thing we have ever walked through.  Tons of used condoms plus multiple piles of human feces and garbage everywhere.  
When we got to the nice part of the tour we were refused entry by some random people.  We walked back to the hostel and made paella with prawns for dinner.  The electricity went out again so we went to Pedro Mandingo Rum bar for some drinks.  They were so delicious. We miss our cocktails and get sick of drinking cheap local beer.

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