June 5th Guatemala

by - June 09, 2018

We decided to visit another town on Lake Atitlan.  We chose San Pedro because it sounded more popular.  After the deserted San Marcos, we were looking for a little more excitement.  We took a water taxi there.

 When we arrived it was obvious that this was a bit more touristy.  There were many artists selling clothing, jewelry, and wooden pipes of all sorts.  

We explored the main stretch of the tourist area and then visited a bit higher up.  The closer you are to the water, the safer it feels.  The pictures I take do not show just how bad some of these areas are.  

We stopped at D' Juice Girls and had a smoothie and a fresh juice.  Smoothies have been my favorite thing in Central America so far.

 We tried to do some haggling to buy me a necklace.  Luckily Bart went back a couple days later and talked him down.  We went to a Mediterranean restaurant called Zoola for lunch.  The sampler platter was really good.

 It was entertaining watching the cats and dogs fight.  We had a couple drinks at Hotel Fe and then grabbed a water taxi back before the rain came.  It was a chill afternoon at the hostel.

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