June 18th Panama

by - June 23, 2018

After 12 hours of solid sleep we woke up feeling more refreshed.  We had breakfast at the hostel and then set off to do another hike called three waterfalls.  We took a taxi to Boquete and then a shuttle to the start of the trail.    The hike took about 3 hours total.  The waterfalls were stunning.  The trail was super fun and technical.

The water was too cold for comfort so I skipped the swimming portion.  Bart as usual jumped right in.  I did however manage to lose my footing and fall backward.  I was happy to land cradled between two rocks without getting hurt or wet.  Phew!  We did happy hour at JF again.  Then we ate a cheap local dinner in town at Sabroson #3. 

Here is a picture of a couple in traditional garb.  Costa Rica and Panama are the first countries that there is a place to put their garbage so it can be picked up.  There has been a lot less littering because of this. 

Tomorrow we will be heading to Santa Catalina for some beach time.  We will miss the pets at La Jungla Experience. Well...not the cat.  The owner Greg is from Minnesota.  It was nice having someone who could speak English and help us figure out what to do while in the area. 

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