December 10th Tilcara, Argentina

by - December 11, 2018

We woke up around 8 AM and made breakfast.  Our dog, which we named Pancho because we fed him an entire packet of hot dogs came back for breakfast.  Then we headed into town to a cafe called Makoka.  We charged our electronics and worked in the blog and video.  Our solar panel isn’t working again so it’s difficult to keep everything charged.  Then we went to the tourist office to get information on local hikes.We first did the Garganta del Diablo.  It took us around 2 hours and provided us with spectacular views of the mountains.  It also led us to a waterfall and we had a much needed shower.  Then we hiked down into the crevice between the mountains.  Once we arrived back we went to the Pucará, which is a reconstructed pre-Colombian ruin.  There were also botanical gardens.  Both were uneventful and we were glad we came on a Monday, which was a free admission day.  Then we went back to the square to check out the market.  I found some sweet shoes and we bought some souvenirs.  We went to another restaurant to use the WiFi and have a beer.  Then we found a restaurant for dinner.  Bart ordered a picada platter for two and ate almost the entire thing!  Impressive.  Then we went back to the camping spot to relax.

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