December 22-25th Chile

by - December 26, 2018

After breakfast we went into town to shower and grab water.  Then we headed out of town to our next overlanding spot.  When we arrived in the little coastal village we got a big wave from a local.  It was the same lady who showed us where to get our laundry done.  We decided to eat lunch at her restaurant.  It was really good.  We had an empanada with cheese and octopus, cheese and shrimp, and cheese and shell fish.  We also ordered the fish.  It was too much food for us.  We were surprised it was good because the place was filthy.  Then we walked to the pier and bought a parrot fish for dinner.  The fishermen had caught mostly eel.  They had diving suits so we assumed that’s how they caught them.  They offered us to take a picture with the fish.  Another man came in with a shark he caught.  The man who sold us the fish said they sold ice in town.  They did not so we drove all the way back to Taltal for ice.  When we got back to Cinfuncho we headed to the beach.  Bad idea.  We got stuck in the sand.  Bart ran to get some locals to help push it out.  A family of 4 traveling through came to our rescue.  We still couldn’t get it up the hill.  Another two guys came from the road to help.  It took a lot of time and work to get it out.  Once that disaster was over we parked in a parking lot and relaxed until dinner.  Dinner was inedible.  We grilled the parrot fish whole.  We found it repulsive after one bite.  We gave it to the pack of dogs hanging around, which caused a huge dispute.  We ate candy for dinner and went to bed.

After breakfast we headed to the Pan de Azúcar park to see penguins.  It was a very beautiful beach, but the place is practically deserted.  As we are both recovering from being sunburned we did not need a beach day.  We stopped at a restaurant and tried locos for the first time.  They are a new kind of shellfish.  We didn’t love them, but it was a good time to try them since they are very expensive elsewhere.  They sell for $40 in a can.  It costed us $15 for 4 of them.  Then we asked about the boat tour to see the penguins and for whatever reason there were no tours.  It was a ghost town so we were not surprised.  We decided to head into Canaral to get a hotel for the night.  We needed a break from the elements.  We checked in and then cleaned the truck so we could take pictures and post it for sale.  We showered a million times while we were there.  Hot water is such a treat these days.  Then we went to the supermarket.  We searched and searched for a cafe or restaurant that was open and had WiFi.  We happened upon a place called Club Social.  We splurged and had an amazing dinner.  The man spoke English so that was fun.  He talked our ear off.  He asked us what we felt like eating and then sort of helped us decide what to have.  I went with a shrimp alfredo, even though there was no pasta on the menu.  Bart had the Chilean sea bass with black butter and capers.  We also had octopus for an appetizer.  We relaxed back at the hotel the rest of the night.  It felt amazing to take a break from the truck and elements.  We are still in pain from our sunburn.  

We headed toward Capiopa and decided to stop at Bahia Iglesia on the way.  It was a quaint little tourist town.  We stopped and had oysters and a quesadilla for lunch.  We drank a couple beers and then headed out.  We ended up staying in the desert for the night.

We headed into Capiopa to find WiFi.  We found nothing because everything is closed for Christmas.  We ate lunch and then headed back to the desert.  It was a long boring day in the truck.  We will try for WiFi tomorrow.

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