December 18-21st Chile

by - December 26, 2018

This spot on the coast is amazing so we decided to spend another night.  We spent the entire day completely entertained by the ocean.  We found the perfect spot.  It was a swimming hole that was protected from the wind and waves, but was still being fed fresh water.  There were so many sea creatures to explore.  Every crack and corner had a new one.  We opened a sea urchin to try it, but it didn't look normal so we tossed it.  We also collected about 5 crabs for dinner.  The fishing was great too.  Bart caught most of the fish and I caught one.  For dinner we made crab and fish cakes.  It was so yummy!  It was the perfect day minus the fact that we both look like lobsters.  It's going to hurt tomorrow.

We ran out of water so we went in search of some.  Luyckily a nice local man let us fill our water jug from his supply.  Then we headed down the coast to another spot.  The fishing wasn’t great, but it was an interesting area.  We hiked around for a couple hours.  We saw tons of dead animals including a mountain lion and a few seals.  We also saw dolphins, sea lions, and a sea otter.  

We arrived in the coastal town of Taltal.  We walked around town and ate fresh fish at a local restaurant for lunch.  We walked the pier and saw plenty of sea lions and jellyfish swimming around.  Then we headed to our camping spot.  We fished and I collected sea glass.  We made dinner and relaxed.  We are so shocked at the amount of trash along the coast.  It really takes away from the beauty of the land.

We spent the day fishing and collecting sea glass at a new spot.  I found an octopus and we tried to catch it to eat it.  Once it realized our intentions it hid under a large rock and wouldn’t come out again.  Still such a cool thing to see.  We went to the gas station to shower.  I asked the cashier where a laundromat was.  She introduced me to a woman sitting outside.  Eventually she got into the truck with us and directed us to a lady who would do our laundry.  We bought fresh fish for dinner.  Bart caught the same type of fish that we bought.  For dinner we made a red curry with fresh fish.  It was delicious.  After dinner we went fishing again and caught a bunch more.  We threw them back, but it was fun.  I also watched three sea lions playing and eating for a while.  We went to pick our laundry up at 8 PM.

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