December 4-5th Argentina

by - December 10, 2018

We decided to spend the night in the truck whether it was done or not to save money.  We’ve spent almost $1,000 of our travel money doing almost nothing in Posadas.  After waiting for the mechanic to put the engine back together for the second time it fired up.  We heard a cheer come from the men working on it.  Then they checked everything to be sure it was working right.  They did not get finished with the ball and socket joint so we spent the night at the Shell gas station.  It was a long night with little sleep.


They fixed the other ball and socket joint today.  Around 6 PM we hit the road!  About 2 miles out of town we turned around and headed back to the shop.  The brakes were not braking.  When we got there, they checked the brake line and it was snapped.  It was too late to get the part so we spent the night in the mechanic parking lot.  Another hot sleepless night.

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