December 26th-27th Chile

by - December 28, 2018

We headed into town once we woke up.  We went to the mall and went to Dunkin Donuts!  Yummy!  Then we ate lunch and stocked up on groceries.  After that we went on our great search for WiFi.  After trying 4 cafes and 2 hotels we finally found WiFi that is fast enough.  We headed out of town once we finished.  We drove towards Laguna Santa Rosa.  We found a place to camp and relaxed before dinner.  We made some delicious bolognese.  

After breakfast we hiked part way up the mountain behind where we parked.  I thought it to be unsafe so we didn’t go to the top.  We both worked out a bit and then showered.  Then we headed towards Nevado Tres Cruces Park.  We drove all the way up to 15,000 ft and then hiked towards the white stuff on the mountain.  We debated whether it was ice or salt.  I went back to the truck half way up and Bart finished.  He just had to know.  Snow it is, or rather ice.  Then we drove to the lookout for the Laguna.  It was crazy windy so we decided to head back down.  We went to Pizza Piero for dinner and ate some amazing pizza!  Then we headed back to the desert for the night.

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