December 12th Argentina

by - December 14, 2018

We headed back to Tilcara after we showered.  We went to Makoka cafe to eat, use the WiFi, and charge everything.  Once we received the Chilean  insurance, Bart went to print it off and pay for it.  Then we went to the ATM and a couple hardware stores.  We decided to head to Chile.  It took us about 6 hours.  Along the way we stopped at some salt flats and grabbed a few photos.  We also drove by Purmamarca, which is famous for its colored hill.  Then we went to immigrations.  We decided to chance the few vegetables we had because we wanted a tasty dinner.  Two men went through our truck and didn’t find them.  We won’t be doing that again.  We went to our camping spot right over the border.  It was a small dirt road that went to the middle of nowhere.  It was absolutely amazing!  There were tons of ducks in the lake next to us.  We found an old house built into the side of the rock hill.  We made a late dinner after exploring the area and decided to stay another night.  We are at about 14,000 ft above sea level causing Bart to get altitude sickness.


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