December 11th Humahuaca, Argentina

by - December 14, 2018

We made breakfast and Pancho visited again.  Then we headed off to the town of Humahuaca.  It took about 30 minutes to get there.  We found our camping site and then went into town.  We walked through their outdoor market and bought vegetables, chicken, ice, and charcoal for dinner.  We even tried the sweet hot corn drink, which we did not like.  Then we walked to a restaurant called Asisto to charge our electronics and use the WiFi.  We do not like this town very much.  People are not friendly and it smells of human waste.  We decided to head to the hill of 14 colors.  It took us about 30 minutes on a long dusty road curving up the mountains.  It was a spectacular view.  We took the short hike to another viewpoint.  When we got back to our campsite we showered, did laundry, and started cooking.  We made half a chicken and bruschetta.  It was delicious and of course we had a dog visit!

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