December 28-30th Chile

by - December 31, 2018

We spent a few days in Copiapo dealing with the sale of our truck.  We are so happy to have found a buyer.  Since the process takes about a month to complete we didn't want to be stuck in South America waiting to sell it.  Looks like we will be selling it around March 1st in Mendoza, Argentina. Then we will fly back to the states via Santiago, Chile.  It was nice to be stationary for a bit.  We slept in the desert, worked out every day, ate at a new restaurant every day, and enjoyed the fast wifi at Ibis Hotel.  I'm sure they were wondering why we came there every day and stayed for so long.  We ate some really good food for a change.  We had a fox run pretty close to our truck in the desert so that was a highlight.  These were some pretty uneventful days.  On the 30th we headed to La Serena.  We failed to find a DHL in Capiapo and we hope to have more luck in this town.  We ate at Burger Club and then ran some errands.  We spent the night in a pretty terrible spot in the middle of town near the beach.  We are hoping the DHL is legit tomorrow so we can send the title on its way to be exchanged to the new owners!

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