December 15-17th Chile

by - December 23, 2018

We woke up around 5 in order to make it to el tatio geysers.  It was a cold morning.  It has been very cold the past few nights and we have busted out the sleeping bags.  We walked around the geysers and then changed to jump into those hot thermal pools to warm up.  Big let down...they were barely warm.  We found one corner where the boiling water was coming out of a geyser.  We huddled on our stomachs next to it trying to enjoy ourselves.  We didn’t last long.  Then we went back to the same place and made breakfast and took a nap.  Then we went into town and ate the best pizza we have had in South America.  We hung around the town for a bit and then headed to our next spot.  We pushed the truck to its max.  It’s not exactly meant for this type of off roading and after the first two mountains we decided to turn back as we were afraid we wouldn’t make it back up the hill on the way out.  Then we went to Valle de la Luna.  Most people go for sunset.  Then we drove to Laguna Cejar, where we swam in the salt water.  It was so cool floating with no effort!  The water was refreshing, but burned every single small cut.  Then we showered and got in trouble for using shampoo.  We take a shower whenever possible these days.  We decided to head towards Calama instead of watching the sunset at Valle de la Luna.  We don’t really like this town.  It’s very touristy and crowded.  We decided on some desert camping.


We made breakfast in the desert after sleeping in.  We finally had a good nights sleep.  We drove a couple hours to Antofagasta.  We are mainly coming to this town to find parts to fix our solar panel.  We went to Linder, which is the same as Wal-mart.  It was a crowded nightmare.  Then we went to McDonalds.  It was the dirtiest one we have ever been too.  Same good Big Mac :). Then we parked on the beach.  I looked for sea glass and Bart tried fishing.  We made dinner then went to find a place for wifi.  We had a couple of beers.  This town, or maybe Chile in general, is very expensive compared to what we have been paying.  


This day was a nightmare.  We drove or walked to about 15 different places looking for a battery that is compatible with our solar panel.  Eventually we figured it out.  We headed out of town immediately after we finished our errands.  We drove down the coast and found the most perfect spot.  It was secluded and had tons to do.  We went fishing and explored the area.  I caught a crab and Bart caught a fish to eat for dinner.  It wasn’t the biggest or yummiest crab, but still fun to try.  The fish was really good though.  We just may stay a few days.

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